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New York & New Jersey Speeding Ticket Myths and Facts
Myth:     He pulled me over because I have an Out of State plate.
Fact:       If anything, out of state drivers are less affected by speeding tickets than in-state drivers.  He stopped you because your speed caught his eye!

Myth:     If the trooper is not wearing his hat, he is out of uniform    and the ticket is invalid.
Fact:       No such rule or law exists.  Try this argument for a good laugh.

Myth:     If the officer makes a mistake on the ticket, it will be dismissed.
Fact:       In general, only material mistakes such as the highway, driver's name, court name, direction of travel, or major discrepancies as to the description of the vehicle may disqualify a ticket.  Minor mistakes will be overlooked. Click here to see how we took advantage of a mistake on a 11 point speeding ticket.

New York & New Jersey
Speeding Ticket Myths and Facts
Myth:     If I pay a partial fine or an amount more than the fine, my case will stay open and the points will not get reported to the DMV.
Fact:       If you pay too little, the court will suspend your license.  If you pay too much, the court may or may not return the balance, and the ticket will be reported to the DMV.

Myth:     If the cop doesn't show up, the ticket dismissed.
Fact:       In some upstate New York courts this is true, however in many upstate New York courts and in New York City the officer would have to not show up 2 or more times before it will be dismissed.  In New Jersey, it is EXTREMELY rare for the officer not to show up; even if he fails to appear, the matter will likely be rescheduled to allow him a second chance.

Myth:     One can plea bargain in New York City and Suffolk Co. traffic courts.
Fact:       Absolutely no plea bargaining is allowed in the Traffic Violations Bureau. Click for more info about this dreaded court.
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