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New York and New Jersey Speeding Ticket Excuses

As of January 2012, I have handled over 11,000 traffic tickets in the state of New York and New Jersey and I have heard it all.  Many times people want to explain why they are not guilty of the speeding ticket in question and they come up with all kinds of reasons and excuses which have little to do with the actual facts of the case.  In reality, most tickets are plea bargained, meaning that we agree to plead to a lesser charge which carries less or no points (hopefully) and a less of fine.  This works to keep the justice system moving so that judges and court staff are not up until 2 am hearing traffic trials.  If the case is being heard in the TVB in the 5 boros or in Buffalo or Rochester or Suffolk County, or when a trial is necessary, then the excuses below don't help.  The only way to win at trial is if the officer does not make his case.  We usually don't win by simply stating:  "it wasn't me..." or any of the other lame excuses below. 

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Top 10 (or so) Lame Speeding Excuses
told to officers

  1. I was driving with the flow of traffic.

  2. I was going down hill.

  3. I have a perfect driving record.

  4. He clocked a different "black" car.

  5. There was a car on my tailbone, and I was trying to get away from him.

  6. I had to use the bathroom, and nobody would let me over.

  7. I thought he was following me, so I sped to get away. (it was an undercover cop dummy!)

  8. I had to speed up to pass another car.

  9. It was a speed trap.

  10. There is no way I was going that fast, my elderly parents were in the car. 

  11. It was a rental car, my usual car doesn't go that fast.

  12. The Speed limit just changed from 50 to 35.

  13. I am from another country and I thought I was going 100 kmh instead of 100 mph an hour.

  14. I showed the officer PBA card and he still gave me a ticket.

  15. He refused to show me the radar unit or print-out.

  16. He was very rude to me.

  17. Don't the police have anything better to do? 

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