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TVB - Traffic Violations Bureau TVB Speeding and traffic ticket Defense in NY and NJ

I have resolved over 16,000 tickets since 2003. I know the "game" in NYC and the 5 Boros. Once you tell me where you got the ticket in New York or New Jersey, I can tell you how many points your facing, what the potential fines are, what my fee is and the potential impact on your insurance. IF YOU DON'T NEED A LAWYER I WILL TELL YOU THAT ALSO, I PRIDE MYSELF OF BEING HONEST AND IF I CAN SAVE YOU THE MONEY OF HIRING A NY TRAFFIC ATTORNEY, I WILL TELL YOU. Contact me today for FREE and HONEST consultation about your issue.

Matisyahu Wolfberg, Esq.
For the quickest response:  Scan and email me your ticket:  or fax it to  845-818-3905

Did you get a ticket in NYC, Manhattan South, Queens North, Staten Island, Bronx Brooklyn South or North, Manhattan North or Queens South?  If so, the first thing you have to know is that there is no plea bargaining, it is win or lose all or nothing.

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Here is a sample of what not to do when pulled over.  P.S. The client hired me and we will still able to reduce the points, but don't test it!

Dear Mr. Wolfberg, In the interest of full disclosure, I should note that the encounter with the officer was less than pleasant. I pulled over as per his request but apparently I didn't pull over far enough. I pulled off the shoulder but it wasn't to his liking. He was automatically rude and asked me why I didn't pull over more and I explained to him that the last time I pulled over on the Taconic (in my Jeep, no less) I got stuck in the mud. He asked me questions about where I was going, etc. and I told him truthfully and respectfully (I was on my way to visit my girlfriend in MA). He said he clocked me at 80 and he wrote me a ticket for 80. He was unfriendly, insulting, and had a terrible tone. After the ticket was issued, I mouthed off to him a little. I said, and I quote, "Officer, you must be familiar with the law since you enforce it. Is it illegal, hypothetically, if a citizen calls an officer an a$$h0le?" He then said, "You can call me whatever you want." So I replied, "Well, sir, I think you are an a$$h0le."

He then processed to say, "Do you think that will help you in court?" with the attitude of a 15-year-old boy (he was a younger cop). I told him that it must feel nice generating revenue out here to which he replied, "I don't generate revenue. I write tickets." He then just walked back to his car and I simply said "D*&^" out loud but I am not sure he heard me. In any case, he probably has it written in his notes. I am willing to apologize by any means, but only if he is willing to offer a fair bargain. He was rude to me first and so I had no objection being rude back (although it probably wasn't the smartest thing). Some more details:

It was relatively dark outside. I was wearing a blue and white striped shirt (I have the exact shirt) when it happened. It was pretty downhill and there were other cars passing faster than me. It took him a while to catch up with me.

I will send me credit card details in a following e-mail. Please let me know once you get this. Thank you!

Best Regards,

Matisyahu Wolfberg - Attorney At Law
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